how to get a posces man to come back

How To Make a Pisces Man Come Back To You

Want to know how to win back a Pisces man?

Looking to reignite that connection with your Pisces partner?

Feeling a bit down because your Pisces man left? You’ve come to the right place!

BUT HOLD ON: I’m not going to tell you to change yourself or play hard to get.

(Tired of hearing that, aren’t you?)

Instead, I’m going to reveal how to leverage the qualities you already possess to win him back and make him wonder why he ever left.

These strategies are incredibly effective because they’re straightforward, can be implemented quickly, and you’ll begin to see their impact almost immediately. ⬇️

Understanding his traits and desires is key to rekindling his affection.

With a few smart moves and an understanding his emotional side, you can set the stage for getting back together.

The Pisces Man Traits

A Pisces man, first and foremost, values emotions and understanding in his relationships.

Like, he WON’T engage with those who don’t ‘get him’.

This emotional deep dive ain’t for the faint-hearted!

You’re dealing with the one zodiac sign that is MOST giving and intuitive when it comes to feelings. Yeah!

So, better brace yourself!

What’s more, this guy is a sucker for mystery, creativity, and spirituality, all rolled into one.

He wants a partner who can stimulate his mind and heart, challenge his ideas, push his boundaries with thought-provoking conversations.

Emotional Depth 

Pisces guys have a deep emotional side that needs appreciation and understanding.

They really value emotional connections, so it’s important to match their depth.

Building a strong emotional bond is key to getting a Pisces guy back. For example, opening up about your feelings can help them feel connected to you.

When it comes to dealing with Pisces men, it’s important to create a non-confrontational environment.

They’re not big fans of conflicts and prefer to find peaceful resolutions.

By avoiding arguments and keeping things harmonious, you can up your chances of winning them back.

Addressing issues calmly and respectfully, for instance, can prevent unnecessary tension in the relationship.

So skip the drama and focus on finding a peaceful resolution.

Psychic Abilities 

Many Pisces guys have a strong intuition and might even have some psychic abilities.

Respecting their intuition can really strengthen the bond you share.

Showing an interest in their spiritual side helps them feel understood by you personally and that connection is key to winning back a Pisces man.

Passionate Nature 

Pisces dudes are known for being passionate partners in relationships, always craving those deep connections filled with romance and intimacy.

To spark their interest again, try reigniting that passion with some romantic gestures or intimate moments.

Show your own passion, and you’ll not only catch their attention but also keep it locked on you.

Trust me, it works like a charm!

Approach Strategies

If you want to win him back, there are a few strategies you can try.

It’s important to understand that Pisces men really value their personal space and freedom to do their own thing.

By giving them the space they need, you show that you respect their boundaries and make them feel at ease in the relationship.

Don’t sweat it if you want a Pisces man back in your life.

Putting pressure on him will only push him away instead of pulling him closer.

So give the guy some space to process his thoughts and feelings at his own pace.

Remember, patience and understanding are key to reigniting that flame with a Pisces man.

Emotional tension can also be a significant obstacle when trying to reconcile with a Pisces man.

Addressing misunderstandings or unresolved issues can cause emotional strain between both parties.

However, It’s crucial to have open and honest communication to resolve conflicts and pave the way for reconciliation.

Taking proactive steps to ease emotional tension can create a more welcoming atmosphere for bringing a Pisces man back into your life.

It’s all about finding that sweet spot where you show understanding for the challenges you might face while offering practical solutions.

Bottom Line

For Giving Space:

  • Valuing personal space
  • Allowing freedom
  • Respecting solitude

    For Avoiding Pressure:
  • Patience is key
  • Understanding emotions
  • Allowing decision-making time

    For Emotional Tension:
  • Open communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Creating harmony
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I realized queuing Facebook updates on my social media and sad tweets weren’t the best way to get my Pisces man’s mind on me.

I mean, come on, who was I kidding? 


Don’t keep texting and calling. Pisces men are sensitive souls, hopeless romantics.

They need space! 

So, I get it.

Dealing with a Pisces man’s heart can be a hard time.

These emotional people have a sensitive side, alright.

They need some good old emotional support, deep emotional connections and a whole lot of love.

I know what running around a Pisces man’s mind is like…belieeeve me! 

But here’s the kicker. The best thing to do is be yourself.

Don’t overdo the tiny trick moves, don’t put on a show.

Be yourself because Pisces men are just GREAT at reading body language.

Take risks, make the first move.

Do the extra mile. He’s worth it!

A Pisces man is a sucker for gestures of love, But remember, it’s a two-way street.

Make sure you spend enough time taking care of your needs too.

Because only when you grow as a person can you truly become the right partner for the Pisces man. 

Attracting a Pisces Man Post-Breakup

These emotional water signs really value the little things, and they’re all about that deep, strong connection.

First off, let’s talk about the personality traits of a Pisces.

They’re the dreamers of the zodiac, right? And as a mutable sign, they’re pretty flexible and open to change, which works in your favor if you’re looking to rekindle things.

The best things you can do is Show that you get them on that deeper level.

Don’t rush things.

Giving it too much time can be a mistake women make, but diving in too fast isn’t a good idea either.

A Pisces man needs to feel that strong relationship vibe before he’ll consider a serious relationship again.

Now, if you’ve been apart for a long time, there’s a good reason to slowly reintroduce yourself into his life.

Start by being a friend, their best friend if you can.

It’s a great way to show you’re the right person without overwhelming him.

Remember, a Pisces man loves quality time, so casual, romantic dates can go a long way.

Let’s talk about second chances.

The sign of Pisces often sees the best in people, so highlighting the positive changes in yourself can be a good way to appeal to him. But avoid the guilt trip, no one, especially a Pisces man, likes to be manipulated.

Meeting new people and making new memories is a possible reason for a Pisces man to return.

Show him you’re a good partner who’s open to growth and change.

This can trigger something in their subconscious minds, reminding them of what a perfect match you two are.

Understanding a Pisces man’s vulnerable side is key!!!

They’re pretty good at hiding their deeper feelings, so acknowledging and respecting that can really strengthen your bond.

A Pisces appreciates a partner who’s empathetic, patient, and genuinely interested in their well-being.

In the end if you are looking for a lasting relationship with a Pisces man, it’s all about creatinng a fresh and strong connection.

Remember not to repeat past mistakes and demonstrate that you’re the perfect match for him.

Renewing Style

To catch a Pisces man’s eye after a breakup, it’s all about refreshing your style and appearance.

Embrace new fashion trends or experiment with different hairstyles to pique his interest once again.

Showcasing a renewed sense of self through your style can make him see you in a whole new light and reignite his attraction

If you usually go for casual outfits, why not spice things up with some sophisticated pieces in your wardrobe?

It could catch the Pisces man’s eye and make you stand out.

Consider trying out new hairstyles or experimenting with makeup to enhance your overall appeal.

Showing Vulnerability

Being open and vulnerable is key when reconnecting with a Pisces man after a breakup.

These men appreciate partners who are genuine and willing to share their true selves.

By expressing your feelings honestly, he can truly see the depth of your emotions and sincerity.

It’s all about winning back his heart with authenticity.

Consider sharing personal stories or discussing meaningful experiences that highlight different aspects of who you are as an individual.

By being genuine and transparent about your emotions, you create an environment where the Pisces man feels comfortable doing the same.

This will foster deeper emotional intimacy between both of you.

So don’t be afraid to be real and share both failures and successes.

Keep the tone light-hearted even when discussing serious topics.

Building Emotional Connection

how to mke a pisces man come back

To make a Pisces man come back to you, focus on building an emotional connection. 

Sharing feelings is key; express your emotions openly.

Talk about your thoughts, desires, and fears to deepen the bond between you two.

Letting him know how much he means to you will resonate with his sensitive nature.

Healing together is super important!

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When it comes to getting a Pisces man back into your life, going through the healing process as a team can make a big difference.

Try doing activities like meditation or therapy together to promote emotional healing and understanding.

Supporting each other’s growth and well-being is key in the reconciliation process.

The Bottom Line

  • Sharing feelings openly
  • Express emotions honestly
  • Discuss thoughts, desires, fears
  • Show appreciation for him
  • Healing together
  • Engage in activities like meditation
  • Consider therapy sessions
  • Focus on supporting each other’s growth

Creating an environment where both of you feel comfortable expressing yourselves freely can lead to reigniting the emotional spark that initially brought you together.


Nurturing Romance

Romantic Gestures

Pisces guys are all about appreciating those sweet romantic gestures that show thoughtfulness and affection.

Surprise your man with little gifts or plan intimate dates to bring back that spark in your relationship.

Show your love through actions and you’ll definitely catch his attention once again.

For example, why not whip up a homemade dinner with candles and soft tunes for a cozy night together?

  • Pisces men value thoughtful and romantic gestures
  • Surprising him with small gifts can rekindle the spark in your relationship
  • Planning intimate dates shows your affection and strengthens the bond between you two

Appreciation of Passions

To make a Pisces man feel valued, you gotta show genuine interest in his passions and hobbies.

Supporting his creative pursuits or even joining in activities he enjoys will totally deepen your connection.

And don’t forget to celebrate his achievements, no matter how big or small, and encourage his personal growth along the way.

Maybe you can even tag along for some painting sessions if he’s into art or catch one of his favorite band’s concerts together.

Making Him Miss You

Creating Absence

Giving space in a relationship can actually be quite beneficial, in fact its advised, especially when it comes to getting a pisces man’s attention.

By giving him some space, you’re giving him the chance to reflect on the special connection you two had.

This time apart can help him realize what he’s been missing and ignite that desire to reconnect with you.

It is also important to create some space, you don’t have to stay away completely, but rather leaving a void that makes him yearn for you.

By subtly pulling back and giving him room to breathe, you’re planting seeds of nostalgia and longing.

This approach can bring back memories of the good times you had, prompting him to seek out those feelings once more..

Showcasing positive changes in your life is an awesome way to reel a Pisces man back into your world.

It’s like letting him witness your incredible evolution since the relationship ended.

Trust me, this transformation can totally pique his curiosity and interest.

When he catches a glimpse of the even better version of yourself, it piques his curiosity and admiration.

A Pisces dude is all about depth and authenticity, so showing genuine progress will totally grab his attention.

Your evolution acts like a magnet, pulling him closer as he recognizes the value of reigniting that spark between you two.

Understanding Needs

To get that Pisces man to come back to you, it’s hella important to understand and meet his emotional needs.

Like, really listen up and show empathy for his concerns and desires.

Show him you get him, and the chances of getting back together go way up.

For example, if he’s all about communication, have those deep conversations that really get him.

Getting Your Pisces Man Back: Where Most People Screw Up!

Oh boy, where do I begin?

You see, the biggest mistake I see people make again and again when trying to get their Pisces man back is they rush.

They push.

They flood the poor guy with text messages, calls, pleading and crying. And lord knows we’ve all been there, right?

Desperate times and all that. But that’s the WORST thing you could do! 

Why? Well, like many of you, I too am a living example of one who’s spiraled down that rabbit hole.


Pisces men, they’re a unique breed, I’m telling you.

They’re sensitive and introspective. Push them, and they’ll drift away in the breeze!  

Urging him, pressuring him, stalking his social media like some digital nomad…

Thats a no,

This guy needs SPACE. GIVE HIM THAT. Okay? Just shhhhh…take a breath…relax…now repeat after me “I will respect his space.”

Final Steps to Win Him Back

Direct Approach

Sometimes, a direct approach is crucial when trying to win back a Pisces man.

Express your feelings honestly and openly, avoiding mind games or manipulation.

By being straightforward about your intentions, you create an environment for genuine and transparent communication.

This honesty fosters trust and allows both of you to address any underlying issues.

Discussing your emotions openly with a Pisces man can really help bridge any gaps in your relationship, you know?

It’s all about encouraging that open communication, which is super important for resolving conflicts and reconnecting on a deeper level.

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When both of you can just be honest and have those heart-to-heart conversations, it allows each person to freely express their thoughts, concerns, and desires.

Wait, What?! Unusual Signs Your Pisces Man Still Loves You

Hold up, stop the press! You’ve been trying to get him back yet, you’re not even sure if your Pisces man still has feelings for you?

Is He Still Into You?

The Dreamy Stares

Ever caught that distant look in his eyes when he’s gazing at you?

Yup, that’s a classic Pisces thing.

This is his “dreamer” side in action. So, if he does this, GOOD NEWS, there’s still something cooking.

The Emotional Connect

I sound like a broken record, but Pisces men, they’re big on emotions.

Now, if he’s sharing his fears, dreams, (and, even his favorite Netflix show), this is his oblique way of reaching out!

He still values you as a confidante! 

Revisiting Memories

If he slips into nostalgia, revisiting memories, or (God forbid!) even repeating the same arguments again?

That’s your clue right there.

If your Pisces man is still holding on to the past, he’s not ready to let go…

Wrapping UP

Navigating the waters of rekindling a romance with your Pisces ex is about understanding the unique ebbs and flows of this zodiac sign.

Giving a second chance to your relationship isn’t just about rehashing the past; it’s about diving into the heart of a Pisces man, understanding his needs and desires, and aligning them with yours.

It’s crucial to remember that with Pisces, the only way to truly reconnect is to tap into the emotional depth that defines them.

It might feel like you’re experiencing everything for the first time again, from the nervous excitement of a first date to the discovery of simple secrets that make your relationship work.

This is a good thing.

Embracing this fresh start allows you both to leave behind old issues and focus on building a deep connection that’s even stronger than before.

To make a Pisces man return, you need to be willing to join him in this world, to understand and appreciate his depth, and to offer him the emotional support and understanding what he craves.

Remember, rekindling a relationship with a Pisces is not just about reigniting an old flame.

It’s about creating something new and even more beautiful, built on the foundations of mutual understanding, emotional connection, and the unique qualities that only zodiac signs like Pisces can bring to the table.

With patience, empathy, you can give your love story with your Pisces ex the second chance it deserves.

You’ve now got the insider scoop on winning back your Pisces man. Understanding his traits, using the right approach strategies, and nurturing that emotional connection are key.

By making him miss you, respecting his space, and reigniting the attraction, you’re on the right path to rekindling your romance.

Remember, it’s all about showing him why he fell for you in the first place.

So, go ahead and put these tips into action.

Show your Pisces man that you’re the one he can’t live without.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a Pisces man miss me after a breakup?

Engage in activities that remind him of happy memories you shared, subtly show interest without being too pushy, and give him space to process his feelings. This can reignite his longing for you.

Is it important to respect a Pisces man’s need for space?

Yeah, respecting his boundaries is a sign of maturity and consideration for his emotional well-being. Giving him some space allows him to reflect on the relationship and maybe realize what he misses about you.

What are some effective ways to build an emotional connection with a Pisces man?

Share your thoughts openly, listen attentively to his feelings, be empathetic towards his emotions, engage in meaningful conversations, and show genuine care and support. These actions foster a deep emotional bond with him.

How do I renew attraction with a Pisces man post-breakup?

Focus on self-improvement both mentally and physically, showcase your best qualities without appearing desperate, surprise him with thoughtful gestures or messages that resonate emotionally, and maintain positive energy when interacting with him again.


Key Points To Note

  • Understanding Pisces Men: Get to know their sensitive and intuitive nature to really connect with them.
  • Approach Strategies: Be gentle, empathetic, and patient when interacting to appeal to a Pisces man’s emotions.
  • Attracting a Pisces Man Post-Breakup: Show understanding, offer support, and avoid confrontations to rebuild trust and closeness.
  • Building Emotional Connection: Have meaningful conversations, share feelings, and show genuine interest in his thoughts and emotions.
  • Making Him Miss You: Give him space to long for your presence by finding a balance between spending time together and pursuing personal interests.
  • Respecting His Space: Respect his need for solitude and reflection, allowing him to recharge and appreciate your independence.

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