10 of Spades Tarot Meaning: What You Need to Know

Let me start by saying, I’m no fortune-teller but I’ve always had this inexplicable pull towards the mystical, and tarot.

From the moment I saw the first tarot card, I was hooked.

In Tarot readings, a lot of people perceive the 10 of Spades card to be a sign of disaster or the culmination of a HORRIBLE string of luck.

But hang on, there’s a whole lot more to this card than you think.

…it’s not all doom and gloom! 

Like many of you, I was guilty of going down the ‘gloom-and-doom’ rabbit hole every time the 10 of Spades showed up in a reading.

The sense of dread was real!!!

Tarot readings and interpretations are not something set in stone.

It is important to remember that there is no one right or wrong way to read the cards.

However, through years of practice and experience, certain general meanings have been established for each card.

In this article, we will explore the meaning of the 10 of Spades in tarot reading.

Explaining Tarot Cards

Red and White Flower Illustration

let’s have a quick overview of tarot cards.

Dating back to the 15th century, tarot cards were used primarily for playing games in Europe until the late 18th century.

Their mystical connotations grew over time, especially with the advent of esoteric societies, and they are now widely regarded as a tool for introspection, divination, and self-discovery.

Every deck is unique, but most contain 78 cards divided into two main sets:

the Major Arcana (think big life lessons) and

the Minor Arcana (the nitty-gritty of daily life).

The Minor Arcana is further split into four suits — Swords, Cups, Wands, and Coins.

Each suit represents a different aspect of life from thought and communication to emotions and material concerns.

The 10 of Spades: Symbolism and Interpretation

Now, let’s put the spotlight on the 10 of Spades. In most tarot decks, the Spades are synonymous with Swords, representing the mind, thoughts, and communication.

The 10 of Spades is like the grand finale of the suit, bringing resolution and closing the book on a particular issue. It’s the culmination, the endgame, if you will.

1. Traditional Tarot Interpretation

Traditionally, the 10 of Spades is associated with:

  • Painful endings
  • Betrayal
  • Deep wounds
  • Forgetting and forgiveness
  • Feeling isolated

Sounds a bit intimidating, doesn’t it? But hey, if the 10 of Spades pops up in a reading, it might mean a rough chapter is coming to a close or a tough lesson is finally sinking in.

The first time the 10 of Spades appeared in a reading for a friend, I thought, “Here comes a tough one.” And believe me, it was.

A relationship ended, not with a bang, but with a trail of tears and unanswered questions.

…It was heart-wrenching, and yet, through that pain, my friend found clarity, closure, and a renewed sense of self-worth. Pain, betrayal, and endings it might signify, but it also brings the promise of healing and new beginnings.

Common Themes and Messages

Despite the grim reaper vibes, the 10 of Spades isn’t all doom and gloom.

It’s a card of transformation.

It urges us to step away from what no longer serves us, to cut the cord, and to walk away not in defeat but with the wisdom that only pain can teach.

It’s a reminder to take the lessons of the past into the future, to build anew and stronger.

But hey, every reading is as unique as the person in front of you.

The 10 of Spades might be your greatest ally in helping you identify and release the things that weigh you down.

..In a career reading, it could indicate the end of a difficult project and the start of something fresh and exciting.

It all depends on the context and the question you’re seeking an answer to.

The Card’s Significance

The Ten of Spades in tarot, often seen in spreads that predict endings and conclusions, is a card that brings a message of finality.

In your tarot journey, coming across this card suggests you’re at a crucial point where a certain part of your life may be coming to an end.

This could show up in different ways, like finishing a long-term project or closing a relationship, highlighting the value of the experience gained and the lessons learned.

A single 10 of spades card sits upright on a dark, mystical background, surrounded by swirling energy and symbols

The Ten of Spades holds major symbolism in a tarot deck. It’s all about facing uncomfortable truths and embracing the natural cycle of life.

Though often associated with misfortune, this card has a deeper meaning that goes beyond initial impressions.

When it shows up in a reading, it prompts you to look beyond the surface and consider how its message applies to your own situation.

History of the 10 of Spades

A regal lion sits atop a stone pedestal, surrounded by ten blooming spade flowers. The lion's gaze is intense, symbolizing strength and power. The background is dark and mysterious, evoking the card's deep meaning

The 10 of Spades has a fascinating story intertwined with the history of playing cards and tarot decks.

These cards were first invented in China during the Tang dynasty and eventually found their way to Europe in the late 14th century.

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The tarot structure, with its spiritual and divinatory uses, consists of 78 cards that include both the Minor and Major Arcana.

The 10 of Spades specifically belongs to the Minor Arcana, and in traditional tarot, it aligns with the suit of Swords, symbolizing mental and intellectual aspects.

The suit of Spades rocks the element of air, representing intelligence, wisdom, and a little bit of strife.

Spades are all about the military vibes, strategizing like a boss and leading with brainpower.

Ten in Numerology

In numerology, the number ten signifies completion and the end of a cycle, paving the way for new beginnings.

The 10 of Spades often embodies the concept of transformation, transitioning from an ending to a promising new beginning.

It symbolizes resilience and the potential for growth through personal or professional experiences.

So, think of it as a fresh start with exciting opportunities ahead!

General Meaning of the 10 of Spades

A solitary figure sits at a table, staring at a single spade card. The room is dimly lit, with a sense of mystery and contemplation in the air

The 10 of Spades is a card that often signifies an approaching end to a turbulent phase, ushering in both conclusion and fresh starts.

It is important for you to recognize the complexities this card brings to your tarot spread.

Core Interpretations

The 10 of Spades is like the grand finale, signaling the end of a challenging phase. It brings a sense of closure and finality, highlighting the possibility of a significant negative event or a dead end.

While it may suggest sorrow or trouble, remember that endings pave the way for new beginnings.

It’s like letting go and finding fresh ways to move forward.

Embrace the cycle of change,!

  • End: A conclusive finish, signaling it’s time to move on.
  • Loss: Potential for feeling of loss or realizing a family member’s impact.
  • New Beginning: An opportunity to restart with fresh perspectives.

As a Person’s Signifier

When the 10 of Spades appears as a signifier of a person in a tarot spread, it can represent someone who is going through a major transformation or is at a pivotal point in their life.

This person may have endured hard times for a long time and the card’s appearance could be a good sign that the wheel of fortune is turning in their favor.

The 10 of Spades can suggest that bad news or bad things that have been looming are nearing their culmination, but it also introduces the potential for major change in the near future.

  • Major Change: The individual is likely facing a significant shift, clearing the way for new experiences.
  • Hard Times: A reflection of the rough patches they have endured.

Both scenarios suggest an imminent departure from the old and an embrace of new chapters ahead.

Love and Relationships

A heart-shaped lock and key on a wooden table, surrounded by rose petals and candles, symbolizing love and connection

In the world of love and relationships, the Ten of Spades, or Swords, often represents challenging periods or complex emotions, urging you to tackle important matters head-on.

Romantic Contexts

The Ten of Spades can symbolize a painful ending to a romantic relationship. It suggests that despite your best efforts, you may have reached rock bottom.

This card encourages you to acknowledge the situation’s gravity and view this closure as a necessary step towards moving on. I

it is not good news if you’re hoping for reconciliation; instead, it might indicate the dissolution of an abusive relationship or the fact that your partnership has hit its lowest point.

Meaning for Singles

If you’re single, pulling this single card may indicate that the only way forward is through embracing solitude to attend to your own needs.

It could serve as a reminder to heal from past hurts before embarking on a new relationship.

While it’s not typically a good omen for love, it can suggest that enduring these challenges paves the way for better things.

Friendship and Family

The Ten of Spades in non-romantic situations can bring about some major changes in dynamics with a close friend or family member.

It might even bring some bad luck in friendships or family relations, suggesting a complete failure to connect.

But here’s the thing, sometimes hitting rock bottom with someone can actually help clear the air and set the stage for a more honest and healthier relationship moving forward.

So yeah, it’s like going through the lows to reach the highs, you know?

Career and Work

A desk with a laptop, pen, and paper. A clock on the wall shows 5 o'clock. A briefcase sits on the floor

the Ten of Spades (or the Ten of Swords in traditional tarot decks) can indicate a major turning point in your career and work life.

This card’s message may foreshadow the completion of a significant work project or suggest the arrival of challenges that need resolution.

Occupational Reading

When you come across the Ten of Spades in an occupational reading, it might mean that a particular phase in your professional life is coming to an end.

This could show up as wrapping up a long-term project or reaching the necessary conclusion to a period of work-related stress.

Though this card often represents an ending, it also opens the door to new opportunities. You might feel a sense of relief from past burdens, allowing you to move forward with a renewed spirit.

  • Endings & Beginnings: The conclusion of specific work tasks or roles, creating space for new endeavors.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Addressing any final obstacles that might be impeding your success.
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Financial Implications

“The Ten of Spades has some serious implications for your financial landscape. This card could mean the end of financial stress or the breakup of a business partnership that’s gone stale.

It’s a reminder to pay off your debts, both the ones in your wallet and the ones weighing you down emotionally, so you can start fresh with your financial planning.

While the card might suggest a temporary loss or setback, it’s important to see the potential for long-term financial success that can come from overcoming current challenges.”

  • Monetary Transitions: The closure of one financial chapter and the initiation of a fresh fiscal strategy.
  • Wisdom through Experience: Learning from past monetary mistakes to enhance future business decision-making.

Personal Growth and Challenges

A tree with roots breaking through rocky soil, surrounded by budding flowers and reaching towards the sunlight

The 10 of Spades often signifies the point of confronting personal challenges with the promise of personal growth following these trials.

This card can be both a symbol of stress and the potential for progress, indicating a phase where letting go of the past paves the way for a new beginning.

Overcoming Difficulties

The 10 of Spades, when it pops up in your reading, might initially give you a sense of fear or signal a bad omen.

But, in the context of personal challenges, it can actually be a great sign for overcoming those hurdles.

Common interpretations suggest that even though you might be facing the darkest hour symbolized by the dark sky in the card’s imagery, this is often the final nail before a breakthrough.

Personal growth usually requires you to face and conquer stress and challenges, even if it means dealing with nervous breakdowns or chronic fatigue.

So when you see this card, remember to keep pushing forward because it can lead to letting go of toxic relationships or past relationships that no longer serve you.

  • Stress and Fear: Mark the darkest hour but also the turning point.
  • Letting Go: Say farewell to what holds you back and embrace a fresh start.

Emotional Insights

Looking at the emotional aspect, the 10 of Spades encourages an introspective look at one’s current situation.

This self-reflection can reveal a need to let go of emotional baggage, just as the full moon signifies release and closure.

The card’s presence in the upright position can mean it’s time for you to trust the process, much like the ace of spades signals piercing truth and clarity, guiding you toward the right path.

It’s a call to turn a sad event or a fear of the unknown into an opportunity for emotional enlightenment and to start anew.

Court cards like the ace of hearts, when accompanying the 10 of Spades, can imply that support from a good friend is available or that the final nail in a period of difficulty has been reached, heralding a new direction.

  • Deeper Meaning: Look beyond the surface to grasp the opportunity for progress.
  • Current Situation: Reflects the inevitable part of growth after a period of stress.

Advice and Potential Outcomes

A hand holding a 10 of spades card with a tarot spread and potential outcomes surrounding it

The Ten of Spades in Tarot readings indicates some major endings and the need to accept them to embrace future opportunities.

It carries the weight of concluding chapters, but also hints at new beginnings. Here’s how you can navigate the advice and potential outcomes of this transformative card..

Guidance Provided

When the Ten of Spades appears in a reading, it’s a compelling sign that you must release the old to make way for new growth.

It advises you to accept the end of a particular cycle and prepare for a change.

This change might initially seem daunting, but it’s often a necessary part of your journey.

  • Accept endings as they come; they are vital for personal transformation.
  • Act with courage, facing the resulting emptiness as a space for opportunity and regeneration.
  • Emotional or situational release is imminent, paving the path to gain new power over lifes circumstances.

Facing Future Possibilities

Embrace the inevitability of change as a positive force that ushers in a future ripe with potential.

The Ten of Spades, despite its daunting depiction, signals that it’s your time to rise from challenges reinvigorated and ready for progress.

  • Be open to the shifts in your life, as they will likely lead to constructive and positive outcomes.
  • Recognize this phase as a chance to harness situations that may seem adverse and turn them into stepping stones.
  • Understand that the Ten of Spades’ lesson is not just about endings but about the power and opportunity that come from new beginnings.

Card Combinations and Contextual Variations

A single 10 of spades tarot card surrounded by other tarot cards, with a dark and mysterious background setting

When exploring the 10 of Spades in tarot, the card’s meaning can shift dramatically based on its companions in the spread and the positions they occupy.

Recognizing these combinations and the altering contexts is vital to an accurate interpretation.

Interactions with Major Arcana

The 10 of Spades often signals an inevitable end or total defeat of the spirit when it appears in a reading.

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When paired with Major Arcana cards like the Death card, which also symbolizes endings and transitions, this could suggest not just an ending but also the possibility to shed old ways and start a new path.

Conversely, proximity to The Wheel of Fortune may indicate that what appears as a bad sign might actually pave the way to immense potential for change.

  • High Priestess: Reflects deeper intuition at play, hinting that mental health or secret knowledge could be central to understanding the 10 of Spade’s impact.
  • Death Card: Reinforces the theme of closure, emphasizing the necessity to let go of old issues to embrace transformation.

Interpretation in Different Spreads

A tarot reading is like a beautiful tapestry where each card weaves together to create a unique pattern.

In a career reading (1), the 10 of Spades may signify the loss of a friend at work or a project that has come to a standstill.

These challenges call for a strategic reassessment to overcome them successfully.

  • Past Position: If the 10 of Spades appears in the past position, it can symbolize overcoming a total defeat of the spirit, with current cards indicating your recovery or ongoing challenges.
  • Future Position: Here, it could serve as a warning, suggesting the potential for serious problems ahead that may influence your mental health or career.

In readings concerning cartomancy, the suit of Spades traditionally associated with intellectual activity and challenges can take on divergent meanings depending on its interaction with other suits:

  • Hearts: May soften the blow, suggesting emotional support softens an upcoming hardship.
  • Clubs: Could indicate strife or conflict, where mental or physical effort is required to navigate the issue.
  • Diamonds: Often highlights material or financial loss leading to significant changes.

The 10 of Spades brings with it a message of caution, asking you to pay close attention to your intuition and the surrounding cards.

Whether in modern tarot decks or more traditional forms of cartomancy, understanding the interplay between the 10 of Spades and its neighboring cards offers a comprehensive view of its true influence on your situation.

Practical Tips for Reading the 10 of Spades

The 10 of spades tarot card lies on a wooden table, surrounded by a dimly lit room with flickering candlelight. The card is positioned upright, with the spade symbol prominently displayed, evoking a sense of mystery and intros

When approaching the 10 of Spades in tarot, understanding its complex layers is crucial. With the right mindset and tools, you’ll be able to extract its hidden meanings and use the card’s advice effectively during a reading.

Developing Intuition for Accurate Readings

To tap into the full potential of the 10 of Spades, nurturing your intuition is essential.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the common interpretations of the card.

Reflect on its representation of endings and transformation.

During a tarot reading, take a moment to quiet your mind and focus on the imagery of the 10 of Spades.

Let your initial reactions guide your interpretation and consider keeping a journal of your insights to track your intuitive growth over time.

Practical Steps:

  1. Study the symbolism and traditional meanings associated with the 10 of Spades.
  2. Pause and reflect during the reading to allow your intuition to connect with the card.
  3. Record your thoughts and feelings in a journal post-reading to build intuition.

Ethical Considerations in Tarot Practice

While tarot readings can be powerful tools for insight, it’s crucial to approach them with ethical mindfulness.

Be transparent with recipients about the nature of the 10 of Spades and avoid creating unnecessary fear around its message.

Emphasize that the card often signifies a necessary conclusion rather than a dire omen.

Always use the insights to empower and not dishearten the recipient of the reading.

Ethical Reminders:

  • Clarify the potential for positive transformation that the 10 of Spades may indicate.
  • Balance your reading by highlighting the 10 of Spades can represent a conclusion and a new beginning.
  • Respect the individual’s autonomy by providing insights that encourage personal growth and choice.

Practical Applications and Advice

How do you work the 10 of Spades into your readings? Easy. Ask it straight up what needs to end in your life.

What chapters need closing?

Where do you need healing, and what are the first steps on that path?

Alternatively, when seeking a positive balance to the card’s intense energy, consider what beginnings might be available after closure.

And remember, tarot is a tool of empowerment, not predetermination. It’s there to shed light and to guide, offering the power of foresight and the grace of choice.


The 10 of Spades may have a bit of a reputation, but hey, every challenge has its silver lining, right?

It’s like those moments in life that force you to grow and start fresh.

Embrace the seeds of growth and renewal that it brings!”.

It’s time to make a choice. Will you let the shadows of the 10 of Spades spook you? Or will you embrace the wisdom it brings?

Let’s honor the past as we dive into the new. Your call!

For me, tarot is about taking the darkness by the hand and walking through it. Only by acknowledging our shadows can we truly appreciate the light we hold within us.

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